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Company Profile
The Company has been involved in the acquisition, exploration, development, financing and management of various types of petroleum and mineral properties in the Philippines and abroad since 1998. It has actively participated in various oil exploration drilling projects in different petroleum areas in the Philippines and in Gabon, West Africa.

Alcorn owns participating interests in various petroleum contract areas in offshore NW Palawan. It has major shares in oil exploration projects located in East Visayas and East Mindanao. It also holds the rights to explore, develop and exploit a cement property in Leyte and a gold property in Agusan del Sur.

On January 2000, the Company was transformed by its stockholders into a diversified holding company to engage in various fields of commerce and industry, financing and management of any non-minerals and non-petroleum projects along with its existing businesses.

Alcorn Gold Resources Corporation, with several projects already lined up, has positioned itself to take advantage of the Philippine business climate. Alcorn Gold's shares of stocks (APM) are listed for trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange.